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Een vierde mogelijkheid voor Stacking Fotografie.

Helicon focus voegde aan zijn gamma een tussenring toe die werkt met geprogrammeerde software. Door deze ring te programmeren neemt de tussenring autonoom een reeks stacking foto's die dan verder in een software programma resulteert in een foto met uitgesproken dieptewerking. De tussenring werkt enkel met bepaalde types van camera 's (Canon en Nikon) én met zeer specifieke lenzen. De ring kwam reeds toe doch ik moet nog de aangepaste lens kopen. De resultaten hoop ik binnenkort te kunnen bespreken.

Hierbij graag de engelstalige beschrijving op de website: en

Helicon FB Tube is an extension tube with integrated electronic microcontroller designed to enable automated focus bracketing in single or continuous shooting modes. Mounted on the camera in the same way as a usual macro extension tube, Helicon FB Tube automatically shifts the focus by one step with each shot thus producing a stack of images of unlimited length that can be rendered into a fully-focused image.

Helicon FB Tube needs no additional hardware apart from conventional cameras and lenses. Its functionality allows to completely replace macro rails normally used for focus bracketing. Helicon FB Tube has no optics and does not affect image quality.

Helicon FB Tube settings are configured through an additional application for Android or iOS.

Helicon FB Tube Set contains Helicon FB Tube, transmitter and extension cable.

  • Helicon FB Tube

  • IR Receiver – IR port to get configuration information

  • LED Indicator – Red/Green light to show status of the tube

  • Protective Caps – protect the tube from dust

  • IR Transmitter – connects to 3.5 mm audio port of a smartphone and sends commands to IR Receiver on the tube.

  • Extension cable – can be connected between smartphone and IR Transmitter

Two types of Helicon FB Tube are available: for Canon DSLRs and for Nikon DSLRs.

Hardware requirements

  • Canon/Nikon DSLR with EF-mount

  • Autofocus lenses with internal motor

  • Android or iOS device with 3.5mm audio output

Before starting working with Helicon FB tube, camera and lens settings need to be adjustedand Helicon FB Tube needs to be configured.

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